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What does a career at LJUBIC Law Firm look like?

...it is almost impossible to find an ideal, perfect employee, just like an employer. The mission of utmost category. But for an employee who fits into the collective, and an employer who fits into the vision of the employee it is possible to find indeed, still it takes patience. We are guided by that and we are looking for long-term quality.

If we are not in need of your employee profile right now, do not despair.

For a quality and interesting employee profile, we can find some space.

No one likes to wait, whether it’s morning coffee or finding a new job / worker. We are certainly patient here, and the selection process is not one-dimensional. The projections of your potential growth are important to us, which we form on the basis of several parameters.

What qualities do we seek?

It’s not that we’re going to list the qualities we need. Clearly you need to possess perseverance and a will to work, it's pointless to state. We will only give you one hint we look for in each and every candidate - creativity (we are not the graphics industry, but this personal trait in our office belongs in the TOP 3).


Current positions

Fear not, you won't read here classic phrases like - working in a dynamic environment, the best possible teammates, a stimulating environment, interesting projects, 10 years of work experience and so on.

We keep it simple. We currently have vacancies for the following 2 employee profiles:

1 - Property Tax Specialist

2 - Trainee in the field of International law

Projects and other opportunities for cooperation

We are a bit more lenient for short-term jobs and opportunities, because we want to give younger generation the opportunity to feel what it is like to be part of a law firm. Definitely it’s not what you watch at TV. Regarding all of this, and knowing how few market opportunities occurs to introducing young legal forces to the labour market in the moment of writing this, we decided to launch a project named „Right time opportunity in the legal profession“. You can check for more details on project by clicking previous link.