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Real estate represents a plot of land surface, including whatever is permanently tied to that plot

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In our society, real estate has a very important role. Practically, there is no private individual who has never been in a position to undertake legal acts with the purpose of regulating the real estate status in legal terms or to resolve other real estate-related issues.

Real estate represents a plot of land surface, including whatever is permanently tied to that plot. Real estate may be land, house, building and other facilities permanently connected with the land plot. 

All real estate units must be registered with appropriate recordings/registers (Land Registry and Land Books) that contain data such as:
  • real estate surface,
  • registered owners, 
  • encumbrances, if any etc.

Within Real Estate Law, LJUBIC Law Firm provides following legal actions:


Kroz projekt "Kvadrati Mediterana" do sigurne nekretnine

U oblasti nekretnina, pravnu ekspertizu smo spojili sa informacijama sa terena na području za sada 5 mediteranskih država/jurisdikcija, pa tako je nastao projekt pod nazivom Kvadrati Mediterana (en. Mediterra Sqaures). Ako vas zanima, više detalja možete provjeriti klikom na gumb ispod.

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