Legal representation in the process of acquiring and renouncing citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Legal representation in the process of acquiring and renouncing citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

> Our Law Firm provides legal representation in the procedure of acquisition and renunciation of BiH citizenship.

Pursuant to the applicable Law, the citizenship of BiH may be acquired based on descent, based on birth on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by adoption, by naturalization and by international agreement - so-called facilitated naturalization.

On the other hand, citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be lost either by operation of law, by renunciation, by release, by withdrawal or by international agreement.  

The main reason for renunciation (release from) Bosnian-Herzegovian citizenship is acquisition of citizenship of some other country (mostly of the Western European countries – Germany, Austria, etc.) and getting the employment status in those countries.  

Procedure for citizenship renunciation shall be in a way that a person wishing to renounce his or her citizenship shall make a declaration on the renunciation either in person or via an authorised representative-lawyer before the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH or before BiH Diplomatic-Consular Representative Office (Embassy or Consular Office abroad). 

The aforesaid application should be accompanied by supporting documents in order to be successfully resolved.  

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Lawyer for acquiring and renouncing citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Proceedings of acquiring and renouncing bosnian-herzegovinian citizenship with the assistance of a lawyer

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Frequently asked questions from clients

The most difficult part of acquiring Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizenship is not the collection of necessary documentation, but the creation of a reasoned request that will not be rejected by the administrative authorities.

If you state your right for citizenship by descent (whether through your parents, grandparents), the first step is to do a quality analysis, so that you don't waste a lot of time on your own interpretation of the legal framework.

No, you must submit the application for a BiH passport in person, for providing biometric data, at the Diplomatic-Consular Representation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to your place of permanent residence.

As for acquiring Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizenship and keeping the existing one you hold, this is possible even in situations where there is no bilateral agreement between BiH and the country you come from, and only if you acquire citizenship by descent. However, depending on the country in the matter, it is necessary to closely monitor and check the national regulations.

What our clients have to say

My family is Croatian, so when I heard I could gain citizenship through descent, it became an important personal journey. After researching, I had a big problem -- What's the likelihood I'd find a birth record of my great-grandfather from 1861 in Croatia? A little nervous, and with some doubt, I contacted LJubic Law Firm. Honestly, I didn't know if they could do anything. While there's no guarantee with finding such documents in Croatia, the team continually updated me on the search progress, and they found the baptismal record in a little church in the village of Kulkujanovo -- perfectly matching my great-grandfather's death record! After gathering all my documents and preparing to submit my Croatian citizenship application, I also needed to translate my documents. You need to have an officially-recognised translator in Croatia to complete this task. Just to compare, I contacted some other non-law firm translation services. One told me it would take them 3 months to translate my documents! Ridiculous. So, I contacted LJubic Law Firm again. They took on my documents to do in 4 weeks, and then delivered in just 3 weeks -- 20 different documents with apostilles from some documents over 100 years old! LJubic Law Firm is extremely professional. They have great communication and are highly trustworthy. They delivered on 2 very challenging tasks. In doing my Croatian citizenship, peace of mind was very important to me. I wanted to be confident if it can be done, it will. I can't say enough how professional, nice and skilled the team is. Due to the generations I went back, I'd say my case was pretty difficult -- yet the team nailed it.

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