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Migration may give more possibilities and result in better life standards for some individuals, but also migrations often include obstacles especially those of a legal nature. Regarding the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of origin, a country of transition and a receiving country at the same time, different administrative issues occur accordingly.     

Therefore, within the of immigration scope of legal practice, we are focused on following procedures:  
  • BIH citizenship acquisition, 
  • BIH citizenship renunciation,
  • visa application, 
  • registration and cancellation of residence,
  • temporary and permanent residence of foreigners, 
  • work permits for foreigners 

According to the estimates, about 2 million people worldwide originate from BiH. Quite number of them is very attached to the home country meaning that they belong either to the first or the second generation of expatriates and they represent an important wheel of existence for their families who stayed in the country. Therefore, according to data from EUROSTAT, Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the second place of the dependence on international money orders (bank transfers) in the world, which represents even 10.7% of GDP

In this context, there are two different kinds of civil and economic activities between origin and destination countries which in themselves open many legal issues that demand special approach.

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia: Checking the legal status of real estate; Verification of real estate in land registers and cadastre; Finding the desired property; Contracts; Real estate registration; Investment studies /


Debt collection; Establishment of business entities; Creating the Rules of procedure; Drafting contracts and constitutional documents; Due diligence; Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings; Managing labor relations /


Acquisition of BiH citizenship; Renouncement of BiH citizenship; Work permits for foreigners; Visa proceedings, Resolving issues of residence and residence permit /