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Acquisition and renunciation of (release from) citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Acquisition of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as renunciation of (release from) citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a common administrative subject matter our office deal with and therefore in this article we decided to present all relevant facts of both procedures in detail and in an altruistic way.  

Introduction – methods of acquisition and renunciation of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Let’s start with the basics, that is, the definitions themselves. 

Pursuant to the applicable Law on citizenship of BiH, acquisition of citizenship of BiH is carried out according to the following determinants:
  1. based on descent;
  2. based on birth on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. by adoption;
  4. by naturalization;
  5. by international agreement – so-called facilitated naturalization.  

On the other hand, renunciation of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina is carried out either by the force of law, by renunciation, by release or by international agreement.  
Law on citizenship of BiH determines the conditions for the acquisition and loss of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can find a complete overview of the administrative procedure in question. 


Acquisition of citizenship of BiH for a foreign person based on the application – naturalization 

For this purpose, naturalisation shall mean admission to citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina of a foreign person based on a duly submitted application and fulfilment of any requested (prescribed by the Law) conditions. 
It would mean that the requested conditions  for BiH citizenship registration of a foreign person shall be as follows:

  • the age of majority,
  • a permanent place of residence was approved on the territory of BiH for at least 3 years before submitting a request,
  • knowledge of language and script of one of the languages of the BiH constituent peoples,
  • not being sentenced to a term of imprisonment for a premeditated criminal act for longer than three years within 8 years of the submission of a request,
  • to renounce or otherwise lose his or her former citizenship before the acquisition of the citizenship of BiH, unless a bilateral agreement as referred to in Article 14 provides otherwise,
  • not to represent a threat to BiH national security,
  • to have a steady source of income in the amount necessary for living,
  • to have settled any tax or other obligations,
  • to sign a declaration of acceptance of the legal system and constitutional arrangement in BiH
  • to obtain a valid guarantee of acquisition of BiH citizenship. 

Rejecting the application for acquisition of citizenship of BiH 

However, rejecting an application for naturalization is possible even though the applicant fulfils basic requirements for citizenship acquisition in a situation when there are reasonable doubts the national security of BiH and public order would be endangered, or if naturalization is not in accordance with the interests of BiH for some other reason as determined based on overall assessment of the applicant.    


Renunciation of citizenship of BiH

The main reason for renunciation (release from)  Bosnian-Herzegovian citizenship is acquisition of citizenship of some other country (mostly of the Western European countries – Germany, Austria, etc.) and getting the employment status in those countries. 

Procedure for citizenship renunciation shall be in a way that a person wishing to renounce his or her citizenship shall make a declaration for the renunciation either in person or via authorised representative before the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH or before BiH Diplomatic-Consular Representatives. Aforesaid application should be accompanied by supporting documents in order to be successfully resolved. 

Records by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH shall keep the records on acquisition of BiH citizenship as well as the records on cessation of BiH citizenship on the basis of renunciation. The content and the manner of keeping the mentioned records shall be prescribed by the Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH. 

> Ljubić Law Firm successfully represents the clients in the proceedures for acquisition and renunciation of citizenship of BiH.

Acquisition and renunciation of citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina perform differently in front of national bodies

Frequently asked questions from clients

The documents required for the process of acquiring BiH citizenship depend on both, your status and the legal basis through which you may enter the procedure as stipulated by the BiH Law on Citizenship. Regarding our Law Firm practice, after insight into your status and after determining the legal basis through which you may acquire/renounce BiH citizenship, we will provide you with all the necessary information on documentation which should be collected. We must note that with your authorisation, our lawyers shall resolve all the issues regarding the citizenship without your presence in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What matters is that the documents may not be older than six months and must be originals.

A person who had renounced the BiH citizenship before, shall be allowed to acquire it again. Among general conditions to be met, he/she must be granted a temporary residence for the period of at least one year before submitting the application, or a permanent residence has already been granted.

If you meet the requirements for the acquisition of BiH citizenship according to the BiH Law on Citizenship, you are not obliged to renounce the Croatian citizenship for the reason there is a bilateral agreement between BiH and the Republic of Croatia in effect since 2012. By the agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina is allowed a dual citizenship with Croatia. The same applies in case you are a citizen of Serbia or Sweden and you meet all the requirements for the acquisition of BiH citizenship because BiH concluded dual citizenship agreements with these countries too.

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