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Welcome to the web space of LJUBIC Law Firm

…lawyers are often put in a basket of cheaters and fraudsters. There is definitely less trustiness in the legal profession each and every day. So much that the trend in the world’s leading economies is for individuals to self-representing before the court, both as legal and natural persons. This is not a myth of course. But it's applicable in every "branch" and in every environment, village, organization, company, administration and so on. We won't go any further.

If you seek out instant information...


However, you must be aware that no client is the same defined, nor do they have identical legal situations and cases. Your challenges are also our challenges, by giving trust you pass them on to us. Your corporate business becomes our business, your everyday life becomes our everyday life. As a product of all previously stated you got - responsibility.

We all face challenges.

In our lives, whether in the private or business field, we face various challenges that tempt our emotional state - injuries, illness, unemployment, sadness, divorce, death, and recently the most common one is the fear, primarily fear of the unknown future.

...and it's not that human beings aren't used to challenges and that they are impermanent. On the contrary, we are the perfect machine that can master everything over time. Just remember some challenges you have had in the past and which you have successfully overcome. And that feeling after all the obstacles.

However, there is one type of challenge that falls into a special category, and today it is very pronounced. A challenge that divides the population between good and evil. That is an injustice. This type of challenge is really hard to fight and you need the right resources. Faith, patience always, and often - legal aid.


Overcoming challenges from our perspective.

Legal aid, and the legal profession in general, is perceived as an activity based on rules following, legal frameworks, analogies, drawing conclusions from the sequence of facts. But it’s much more than that.

Legal aid in any area of law should be decoded for the end user, to be understandable. And the final value must be measurable, foremost needs to be tangible. And this is not achieved only by following strict legal acts and rules.

The delivery of legal services has to be related to accuracy, efficiency and a measurable outcome, not just with the intensity of work and hourly rates.

Ivan Ljubić, founder of LJUBIC Law Firm

To whom and in what approach do we provide legal assistance?

«We would be lying to say that we provide legal assistance to just about everyone.»

...let's see what you can expect from cooperation.

We truly believe that honestly assessing the outcome of a legal situation and not hiding it from the client is of utter importance. There is no reason to keep the client in deception, because why keep the arduous lawyer-client relationship from the very beginning. Who needs it and who is looking forward to it?

Also, if you are not a client for us, you will be told directly.

Furthermore, you won't have any problems with pricing models (why we need to declare this is the people are often in hide and seek play with this one). The reason is that we do not want to be guided only by the hours invested in a subject. We openly believe that this is not the right path for the law practice. Today, most law firms are run by the practice of taximeters, as we like to call it internally. Why a taximeter - it's simple, they just look at the time spent at the case. It all comes down to hours and an estimate of the hours worked at the particular the subject. And is the problem solved or solvable? It obviously doesn't matter.

What if a lawyer needs 8 working hours to solve a certain problem, while a slightly worse one (or we can say slower) needs 24 working hours for the same thing? The former has a better developed logic, but will charge less for that intellectual advantage. And others will charge more, while the outcome may not be as effective for the client.

From all this comes our claim: It is possible to build a law firm without using a costing model of the hourly basis, but to the final result and the desired outcome for the client.

All legal topics we like to deal with can be seen here.

International presence

«International legal assistance has never seemed more necessary.»

...our service is one to find outside the Bosnia and Herzegovina also.

We are witnessing that international operations have intensified, both economic and private. The free movement of goods, capital and people leaves behind certain international legal effects and consequences, to which every law firm should be able to respond according to client requirements.

Guided by this thought, and in order to provide top legal assistance and justify the trust that our clients provide, we have established cooperation with a number of foreign associates and experts in their fields, not limiting ourselves to the BiH territory.

In cooperation with foreign partner offices, we also operate in the European Union, highlighting ourselves as only law firm from Bosnia and Herzegovina that cooperates with Mondaq, the world's leading company in the field of legal expert analysis, with offices in London, New York and Sydney.

We specialize in overcoming legal challenges in the field of corporate and commercial law, real estate and immigration law.

Youth projects and scholarships

«Young folks have never been given trust straightforward, and all they ask for are small opportunities»

...we're all young for just a few years. And that determines our future.

We are aware that introducing legal practitioners into the world of "adults" can be problematic. A very difficult inauguration not because of the nature of the job, but because of insufficient opportunities, primarily for fear that the young practitioner will take on the hard-earned lawyer’s knowledge and break into the game. There may be some truth in that, but we like to turn the tables and stay "naive" about this one. We’ve gone through a similar journey on our own, so the choice is to give young people the opportunity to prove themselves.

For that purpose, we’ve launched a project named „Right time opportunity in the legal profession“, which aims to provide concrete opportunities to young people within the legal profession, and is largely implemented through competitions and scholarship programs. In this way, we also want to encourage other business entities to similarly support the stay and survival of young people within Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia country borders.